Saturday 13 February 2016

Write Up: PRIMER 1.0.1 (chp. 8, 9 + 10)

PRIMER is a vulnerable VM developed by Arne Rick featured on Vulnhub. It can be found hereIf you intend to complete this VM yourself then this write up will spoil it for you. So I say in bold and caps - SPOILERS!

PART 3/CHAPTER 8, 9 + 10: [TERM]

The final part of this VM (as the title suggests) consists of a simulated terminal in the browser. The use of a simulated terminal is actually more of a story telling device rather than a technical challenge. As a result, I will not be explaining how I completed these chapters, instead I'll briefly discuss the story line and what these chapters entail.

Through out this VM the story line has been a central element, this comes to a head and is mostly resolved in these chapters, and its done in what I can only describe as a wonderful way. This resulted in it feeling more like the final act of a movie than a vulnerable VM (complete with end credits)!

The simulated terminal features a few limited *nix commands that are used to cat some log files and see running processes in order to 'gain access' to each "server/AI" (as the story portrays). It requires some lateral thinking, a dash of detective work, a little bit of googling and tests your hacker movie/book knowledge.

To say any more would serve little purpose other than to spoil the experience of anyone that may wish to complete this VM. Which I recommend you do!

Although I am more interested in the technical, it must be said that this VM was great fun and a great experience, such a unique way of telling a story and a great method of involving the audience. The challenges themselves are fairly simple and will not be taxing for any one with a basic skill level. None the less, regardless of skill, I believe most people would enjoy completing this VM.

Many thanks to Arne Rick for making such a wonderful VM and clearly putting in a ton of effort. I look forward to the next instalment!

On to the next VM..